Leggings and Doughnuts

On the trolley, heading home on a Friday, feeling good. Almost to my last stop when an older woman, who appeared to be homeless, sits in the seat across from me. (Didn't get a good seat today - the seats in rows where you don't face anyone).

Anyway, she asks if my purse is Coach and where I got it. I told her and then she showed me her Michael Kors purse and told me where she got it and how much she paid for it. We bonded over how we both paid a lot less than retail by getting them at outlets. She then proceeded to go over her whole outfit telling me what she paid for each item and where she got it.

When she got to her leggings, she explained how she used to weigh 150 pounds more than she currently weighed - "I was heavier than you are." Before she lost weight, she couldn't wear leggings, but now she wears them everyday.

Being nice, I asked how she lost the weight. She explained that she prayed to God, stopped going to Happy Hour, and stopped going to fast food.  She ate and drank because of stress and depression, so she quit her job which was her main source of stress. All of this allowed her to lose the weight.

My stop was approaching so I stood to walk to the door. I told her congratulations on losing the weight. She looked me up and down and said she hoped she was an inspiration to me to lose weight. If I just stayed praying, stopped drinking, stayed away from fast food, and quit my job, I could be wearing leggings in no time.

As the doors opened, and I went to step off, I told her that I was not a leggings kind of girl and all I wanted to do at that moment was go to happy hour and then get a doughnut.


  1. Your comment to her was great!

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