Pick Your Pony

Entering the trolley from the front car door is Granny Grey Hair. Her assistive walking device of choice is a cane. Entering from the rear of the car is Granny White Hair. Her assistive walking device of choice is a walker. The prize - the last empty disabled seat on the car. They lock eyes, and the race begins.

Granny White Hair takes the lead as her walker lets her glide faster. Passing the halfway point, Granny White Hair is still in the lead until her walker gets caught on someone's bag. She desperately starts trying to free her walker, while Granny Grey Hair takes the lead. Granny White Hair frees her walker and we are now neck in neck with 15 lengths left.

You can see them eyeing each other. You can see the hustle in their tired legs. The sweat is dripping.

And the winner is...

Grandpa Baldy, who snuck in the middle door while everyone was focused on the grannies and stole the prize.