Is this piss?

I'mmmmmm baaaaaack.

I am finally back to daily commuting by trolley.

First, I have said it before and will say it one more time - ALWAYS check the seat before you sit down. Even if it looks clean, it could still be wet.

Yesterday, I was in one of the good seats (yay me!) when a guy ["guy"] comes walking down the aisle looking for a seat.  There was at least one person in each set of good seats, meaning he was going to ask to share with someone. I kept my eyes fixed on my book so as not to make eye contact. Once you make eye contact, you have no chance. They will sit with you.

So, keeping my eyes down, he walked to the row behind me and asked if he could sit with the man ["man"] behind me. The man says sure and stands up to let the guy in to the window seat. About two minutes later, the guy quickly stands up, looks at the man then at the back of his pants, and asks the man, "is this piss?" The man says yes (he knew!) and then lets guy know that he should always check the seats before sitting down to make sure they are dry.


Second, there are still nice people out there. I am not sure how this conversation started as I only began paying attention in the middle. Guy ["guy" but not same guy as above] was telling man ["man" but not same man as above] that guy's mom had offered to buy guy a pizza but did not trust him with her credit card number. She had told him to go the pizza store, order, and then have the store call to get the payment info.

Guy asks man if he will pretend to be a pizza store and call guy's mom and ask for her credit card info. Apparently, he did not want pizza. Surprisingly, man says yes. Guy dials his mom and hands man the phone, no doubt excited that he was about to get his mom's credit card info and probably use it to rob her of her money. When guy's mom answered, man proceeded to inform her that her son was on the trolley asking people to call her and pretend to be the pizza store so he could fraudulently obtain her credit card information. Once he was done, he handed the phone back to guy who was no longer excited. No credit card number and now no pizza either.

I was telling someone this story and they asked if guy was mad after man ratted guy out to his mom. I was shocked when I heard man protecting guy's mom from her deviant son and did not really pay attention to what guy did after man gave him back his phone.

Chalk one up for the good guys.