The Hair Spider

Anyone who knows me knows I hate hair. Don't ask me to clean the shower drain, don't show me a hair ball, and definitely do not touch me with your hair. I am trying not to throw up just writing this because it is making me think about hair.

On the trolley today, the girl in front of me was combing through her hair with her fingers. I was instantly on alert as each comb through produced strings of hair no longer attached to her head. All I kept thinking about was what she was going to do with that hair. I was boxed in my seat with not a lot of other options, so I could not move.

Then, it happened. She dropped her hair ball on the floor. I instantly became terrified. I just knew that hair spider was coming for me. I tried to lift my feet off the floor but, with nothing to rest them on, I soon got too tired. I tried to forget about it but I knew it was there. I kept looking down to make sure her hair ball did not float under her chair into my row.

Then, it happened. I looked down and there was the hair spider BY MY FOOT! I tried to keep calm and slowly move my foot away. The hair spider moved with my foot. At that point, I was starting to panic. I tried to move my foot again and the hair spider followed. IT WAS ATTACHED TO MY FOOT!

Not so quietly or nicely, I asked the person next to me to move as I was flailing and tripping trying to use one foot to hold the hair spider in place while kicking my other leg trying to detach it from the hair spider. It took what felt like 30 minutes, but was probably only 15 seconds, to get away from the hair spider. I don't know what people thought was happening but I am sure I will be the topic of someone's trolley tale.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Trolley tales have been rare lately as I have not been riding the trolley for over a month. I have been working from home but am expecting to be back to a full riding schedule in the next week or two.