Who has money on my breakfast?

Well my friends, happy new year!  It has only taken 22 days for my people to show up again on the trolley.  I apologize for the long wait...

While waiting at the trolley station, a car pulled up.  A woman got out of the car and started a coughing fit.  You know the ones where you can tell something nasty is coming up?  I expected her to spit on the ground or in to a napkin, but she leaned back in the car and spit whatever it was in the car.  That is one car I would not ride in to save my life.

It was a pretty uneventful ride until the end this morning.  A very large, loud woman got on and started asking all of us in the good seats if we had any money towards her breakfast.  One man was holding an apple and he offered it to her.  She said something to the effect of she was so hungry she would even eat an apple.  He had to say "you are welcome" before she realized she should thank him.  She sat down next the man, took one bite of the apple, and threw the rest on the ground.

She proceeded to have a very loud conversation with the man about where she was going, why, and how long it would take.  The poor guy was squished in to the window seat by this woman so he was her captive audience.  He asked to get out at one stop (I would not be surprised if it was not his) and she screamed "goodbye" to him.

She again started to ask everyone for money towards her breakfast.  When a purple hat lady (you know the ones) got on and sat down, the large lady thought she found her target so she sat next to her.  When she asked the purple hat lady for money, the lady launched in to a diatribe about she has no money because of her autonomic dysfunction.  She cannot regulate her blood pressure.  However, no doctor down here will give her medicine or treat her because they don't think she has it.  So, she has to go to Stanford all the time for treatment.  Even the ER doctors in San Diego know nothing about this disease, so she sometimes cannot leave her house.

At this point, large and loud lady breaks in with, "bitch, I asked for money not your health history. I have high blood pressure too but I just take a pill."  She got up and moved to another seat.  Unfortunately for me today there were a lot of open good seats.  Large, loud lady screams bye at purple hat lady when she gets off.

When large, loud lady settles in to a seat in front of me, she takes off her backpack and opens it.  Inside is a treasure chest full on cookies, Hostess snacks, and candy.  She eats a cupcake, then gets up to walk to the other side of the car to begin asking again if anyone has anything on her breakfast. 


  1. I'm so happy your people are back and your stories!!! I love starting my day with a giggle!!!


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