If I Cannot Fly, Let Me Sing

A little delayed on posting this one.  I apologize to my thousands (okay handful) of readers.

I was riding to work on the trolley yesterday and it was the first day I can truly say I was starting to feel better.  I had my headphones on and was silently Lean(ing) Like a Cholo.  Then Thunder came on and I accidentally sang a little out loud.  Nobody looked at me, so I continued whispering the song as I was in the groove.  Then Rockstar came on and I was popping pills and feeling like a rock star out loud.  It was beyond a whisper at this point.  I was feeling it.  No one was paying attention to me, so I finished my concert.

I was a little upset no one appreciated the free concert I had just gifted them with.
Applause? No.
Encore requests? No.

Maybe I should have mentioned that I was the only one in the trolley car at the time.


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