A Watery Tale from Toronto

I am in the middle of conferencing, so I have to make this quick and short.  At this conference, there are four sessions throughout the day.  Each session has different topics which run concurrently.  So, you pick the one you want to attend.  Some people pick one and, for whatever reason, decide to leave and go to another.  Most of these people walk in quietly and choose a seat in the back.

The conference room for my session was set up in two rows.  People had come in late and chose a seat in the back so as not to interrupt the speakers.  One lady, who I will call Hair on Fire (HoF for short), come in late.  She is carrying three large tote bags filled with God knows what.  HoF comes in, looks around, and decides she wants a seat in the middle of the first row in between people already seated.  The tables in the rows are spaced enough apart to sit in but not really to get by if someone is already sitting there.

So, HoF is trying to squeeze by someone to get to her seat in the middle of the row.  One of her giant tote bags hits a glass of water sitting on the table behind her spilling the water all over the man sitting there and his belongings - conference schedule and notes he had been taking for the hour the session had already been going.  She turns around, says sorry, then sits.  She takes out her notebook and starts listening to the speakers.

Meanwhile, the man and a hotel employee monitoring the session, both walk out of the room.  HoF now turns around with one kleenex trying to mop up the entire glass of water that was spilled.  She realized it was not going to cut it, so she gets up and has to squeeze out of her row.  The lady sitting in the seat next to HoF slowly puts the cap on the bottle of Perrier that had been sitting in front of her uncapped the entire session and puts the bottle on the floor.  (Good call if you ask me so I capped my water too, just in case.)

The man comes back with paper towels to clean up the mess - pants soaked.  HoF comes back and makes a scene trying to help him clean up with paper towels she had retrieved.  Mind you - the session is still going and we are all trying to pay attention to the speakers but this was a car accident we couldn't help but watch.  HoF squeezes back in to her seat and turns around to offer the man her conference schedule.  He told her he was fine and just trying to listen to the speakers.  She finally turned around for good and stayed seated for the 10 minutes left of the session.


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