A Tale from the Trolley ... Station

I was sitting at the trolley station, minding my own business (kind of).  A lady walks by and sits on the same bench as me.  I assume she is on the phone as she is talking and telling someone not to test her today because it will not end pretty.  She continues on about how people don't know who she is and continue to push her but they don't know where her line is and God help those that push her over it.  I was beginning to feel sorry for whoever she was talking to. 

Then she takes lotion out of her bag.  She shakes it up using both hands, and starts to rub it all over her legs.  Problem is that she has pants on - that she does not pull up before putting the lotion on. 

She is still talking, with her non-ashy pants, when her phone rings.  She starts saying that they better leave her alone and quit calling.  At that point, I realize she has not been on the phone the whole time.  I continue to stare at my magazine while she talks hoping to God she is not talking to me.  I really don't want to push her over her line today.  I'm not in the mood for lotion wrestling.


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