A Running List

I am three stops in to my ride home. Yes, I am on the right trolley. Thanks for asking. So many things have already happened, I am going to have to keep a running list. 

1) I am still sick = still coughing. Lady sitting next to me pulls out a face mask when I cough, puts it on, mean mugs me, and moves to the other side of the car. I covered my mouth, jeez.

2) Teenager gets on, pulls out a vape pen looking device, takes a big hit, and exhales weed smoke in the car. Enough that there was a lingering cloud for a bit. Apparently, it hit everyone right away because no one even looked up. 

3) Overheard piece of conversation between two youngish women with kids: “I believe in discipline, like slapping. But just a little. But you never need to scream at kids.”

4) Break dance battle breaks out. Yay. Old lady yells at them to do the shuffle. Opposite of yay. 

5) Man gets on covered in feathers and smelling like shit - literally.

6) Need to learn sign language. There is a very intense conversation going on but I can’t report on it. 

7) Where are her friends to tell her no?

This was all on a one-way ride. Happy Monday!


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