Your Favorite Neighborhood Barista (A Tale from 7-11)

I have been addicted to 7-11’s French Vanilla Chiller lately. It’s terrible for me but it tastes oh so amazing. I highly recommend it - in moderation of course. 

Anyway, I was walking in to 7-11 to get my Chiller (I haven’t had one in 24 hours - moderation) when a man walked up and asked me for change. I told him I had none, which was somewhat true. I asked if he wanted a coffee. He said yes, he would take a small. I was instantly happy - here was someone who wasn’t being greedy when offered help. (I was going to buy him a large for that). 

But here, my friends, is where I made my mistake. I asked if he wanted his coffee black. He asked for the French vanilla cappuccino with two sugars (real sugar), cinnamon, a pod of hazelnut creamer, and marshmallows. Umm?  I had to write a note on my phone while he repeated it so I wouldn’t forget. 

As I am making his coffee (he only got a medium because of his ridiculous order), I am thinking to myself that I could have just bought him a black coffee and he could have dealt with it. But he got his coffee how he liked it, size medium, and a dollar on top of it. 

And this is how I became your favorite neighborhood barista.