Two for ...

People are always selling things on the trolley.  One of the big ticket items is cigarettes.  I believe they are bought in Mexico (where they are not as taxed as they are here) and sold here for more than they were bought but for considerably less than you would pay for a pack at a store.  Mind you, these are not Marlboros, Winstons, or even Lucky Strikes.  People sell them by their package color - red packs, green packs, etc.

Anyway, today a guy was selling red packs.  Someone asked how much.  Cigarette man said he was selling them for $3 a pack.  The potential buyer said that was too expensive, he could find them elsewhere for $2 a pack.  Cigarette man sat down next to him to offer him a deal.  Cigarette man said, "Look.  You know cigarettes cost at least $6 a pack at the store. I will sell you two packs for $8."  Sold!

Moral of today's story: Even though you think you won't, you will need need to know basic math at some point in your life.  Stay in school!